Our Top AEC & M Case Studies

When it comes to learning about the benefits the Pinnacle Series e-learning platform can deliver to your organization, there’s nobody better to hear from than existing customers who already use the solution. After all, they have the insights into choosing Pinnacle Series, implementing it, getting employees on board, and using it in their daily workflows that you won’t find anywhere else!


We value all of the feedback we get from our customers — that’s why we’re so proud to share these case studies from real Pinnacle Series users on the difference our solution has made for their teams.


Check out our top AEC & M case studies to learn more about Pinnacle Series and how you can get similar results at your organization!


Architecture – Davis Partnership Architects


Denver-based Davis Partnership Architects started its Pinnacle Series implementation process just before COVID-19 forced the firm into a spending freeze. But our Customer Success team wouldn’t let that stop Davis Partnership’s progress! One pilot program later, the firm is moving full steam ahead with its use of Pinnacle Series and estimating the solution could help them save up to $350,000 each year.


“Beyond the bottom line, and beyond the money, we were able to make a case that rather than scrambling to hire people when we get an influx of work, that we needed to optimize and upscale the existing human capital, to show them and to remind them that our employees really are our greatest assets,” BIM Manager Ron Rowcotsky shared. “When we invest in our own, we grow our own.”


Read or watch the full case study here.


Engineering – Associated Engineering


Canadian engineering consulting firm Associated Engineering was looking for a solution to align the skill sets of its CAD team across its two dozen offices. Pinnacle Series offered the opportunity for the firm to roll out professional, expert-created learning content quickly, and gauge progress with KnowledgeSmart assessments.


“These two platforms, in cooperation with one another, have allowed us to develop a really robust skills evaluation program for our organization,” said Bill Moore, Technical Services Production Manager.


Read or watch the full case study here.


Construction – Skanska UK


Skanska UK first began using Pinnacle Series to provide on-the-job support but decided to take its use to the net level with job-specific learning paths, allowing people to hit the ground running when they take on a new project or job role.


 “Pinnacle Series improves the confidence for the individual and the team but also has a broader impact; inspiring confidence among customers that we provide consistency in skills levels,” shared David Throssell, BIM & Digital Engineering Operations Manager. “When we present bids now, we highlight our use of Pinnacle Series. Some of these bids are on major infrastructure projects that will last 20 years or more.”


Read the full case study here.


Manufacturing – Bluescope


Bluescope Buildings North America faced a challenge many growing firms face: how to coordinate training across several offices, while making sure each team member has the technical skills needed to take on more complex projects. Pinnacle Series fit the bill, and also offered the organization a chance to transform its onboarding process and provide support to employees working from home due to COVID-19.


“We were really having some issues getting reliable and consistent training across locations, so this has helped us be able to do that,” said Jake Ball, Manager of Engineering Development. “We can make the training available on demand, it’s easy to search for and find, and people know where to go to get to it. All of those things have been very positive improvements.”


Read or watch the full case study here.


Multidiscipline – CHA Consulting


CHA Consulting was already a Pinnacle Series customer when it became clear that it needed to overhaul how employees across its more than 40 offices found information. Between the firm’s intranet, internal network, and learning management system, employees were having difficulties tracking down important policies, procedures, and standards.


CHA worked to redefine how Pinnacle Series was used in conjunction with its Autodesk Enterprise Business Agreement and has since seen an increase in users exploring Autodesk content and a reduction in help desk tickets.


“Pinnacle provided a lot of flexibility to organize information to allow for targeted distribution,” explained Jessica Chambers, then-Associate Vice President of Technology Integration at CHA. “That official information gets into the hands of our users faster than if they did a Google search.”


Read or watch the full case study here.


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To learn more about how Pinnacle Series can help deliver results to your AEC & M organization, contact our team to set up a free trial or demo of the platform today!


If you’re already a Pinnacle Series subscriber and are interested in learning more about how you can achieve the goals and initiatives described in these AEC & M case studies, please contact our support team or talk with your Customer Success Manager.


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