Quiz: Should You Choose Pinnacle Series or Pinnacle Lite?

Find out which of our learning management systems is right for your team!

Are you shopping around for a learning management system for your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization and unsure whether our Pinnacle Series or Pinnacle Lite solutions will be best for your needs? 

Large and mid-market firms in the AEC & M space can only purchase Pinnacle Series, so companies in this category can cross Pinnacle Lite off the list. 

However, small firms and startups with fewer than 25 users can go either way: they might decide to use Pinnacle Series right away or start out with Pinnacle Lite if they only need a learning management system for a few design professionals. 

Take our quick quiz to decide which learning management system is right for your organization!

Q1: How many users does your organization have?

  1. 250+
  2. 30+
  3. Under 25

Q2: Do you want to be able to add custom content?

  1. Yes, we’re looking for a full knowledge management software where we can create and store our own training resources, best practices, videos, courses, onboarding materials, etc.
  2. Sort of — we would at least like to be able to edit the existing content to make sure it matches our company preferences and standards.
  3. No, all we need is a plug-and-play e-learning system—we don’t need to edit or add content.

Q3: What kinds of collaboration features would you like to have?

  1. We’re looking for a learning management system that also has project management features, such as collaborative work groups and the ability to add external users and subcontractors.
  2. At a minimum, we want social features like the ability for users to like, comment, and share content.

Q4: Do you want to be able to offer personalized learning to your employees?

  1. Yes, we would like a learning management system with a wide variety of software training that caters to a mix of learning styles, so users can choose how and when they learn.
  2. We at least want the ability for users to test out of topics they already know—it’s important that they’re not wasting time re-learning content.
  3. Standardized content is all we’re looking for right now.

Q5: What kinds of features would you like in order to make the software your own?

  1. Functional control: we want SSO features and API access so we can loop the learning management system into the rest of our internal applications and systems.
  2. Aesthetic control: we’d like to have control over how the platform looks and feels, and add our own branding to provide a consistent user experience.
  3. Default settings are fine; we need an AEC & M e-learning system that gets the job done and we can start using out of the box.

Q7: How important is it for your organization to track and assess employee progress?

  1. Very important: we need detailed analytics and reporting capabilities. (Learn more about reporting tools in Pinnacle Series here.)
  2. Moderately important: basic progress tracking would be helpful so we can at least be sure user adoption is on track.
  3. Not important: progress tracking is not a requirement for us.

Q8: What is your budget for training software?

  1. We are willing to invest in the right e-learning system, especially if it also has other features to improve efficiency and productivity at our company.
  2. We have some flexibility but need cost-effective options and only want to pay for content we actually need.
  3. We need a more affordable solution that works with our budget but still helps us maximize the value of our software investments.

Q9: How much support do you expect to need while implementing the new system?

  1. One-on-one support would be amazing to help us make an implementation plan, roll out the software, and answer questions on an ongoing basis. (Learn about how Eagle Point’s Customer Success team does this!)
  2. We don’t need a ton of one-on-one help, but we would like our users to be able to access support when they have questions.
  3. DIY is fine with us; we’ll only need support if there’s a problem with the software.

That’s it — let’s check out your results!

If your answers were mostly A and B, it means your organization is the perfect candidate for the full version of our flagship learning management system, Pinnacle Series. Learn more about all of the features you get with a Pinnacle Series subscription, then contact our team about scheduling a demo to experience it for yourself!

If you chose mostly C answers, it means that Pinnacle Lite should serve your firm’s needs well. If you find yourself needing subscriptions for more users, you can always upgrade later as your company grows! Learn more about Pinnacle Lite here, then get in touch about starting your subscription by contacting our team.



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