How Our Customer Success Team Drives Adoption of Pinnacle Series

Through years of experience, we’ve learned that without awareness and desire for the solution, there is a high probability of lagging end user engagement. To combat this, our Implementation Plans focuses on clients’ companies, their culture, and their users to drive habit change and adoption of Pinnacle Series.

We also use three foundational concepts in building our Implementation Plans:

  • Why is this important to me?
  • How do I utilize the solution?
  • How is this reaffirmed to me?

Implementation Plans follow clients throughout their subscriptions to create long-term sustainable change and achieve their goals!

Our Process

Our Customer Success Managers work with clients through a series of initial meetings to establish a relationship, learn more about their organizations, and set them up for success.

Planning Call

This is the initial conference call that allows the Customer Success Manager to develop the client’s plan. This meeting involves the client’s main contact person or people (1-3 at most).

During this call, the Customer Success Manager and contact people will discuss organizational structure and culture, communication styles, and pathways to motivate end users. They’ll also identify who should be involved in the client’s Customer Success Teams.

Implementation Kick Off

This is a live meeting or video call to educate additional members from a client’s organization about Pinnacle Series and start planning the implementation.

Now is when we’ll start involving anyone at the organization who’s involved in change management, including human resources, marketing, organizational development professionals, subject matter experts, team leaders, managers, and supervisors. During this meeting we’ll form the Communication and Technical Implementation teams and establish roll out dates.


Now is the time we’ve been working toward, and how we’ll help drive value from Pinnacle Series! The Communication and Technical Teams will meet to work simultaneously to implement Pinnacle Series, and toward their individual and organizational goals. Maintaining a clear sight on goals is vital to achieving them!

The Plan

Through years of experience, our Customer Success Team has learned the keys to building a strong implementation plan lay in clearly articulating a goal, aligning the relevant stakeholders, and detailing each step and task that must be executed. Our Customer Success Managers leverage a shared location where we build a comprehensive Implementation Plan, assign tasks to each team member, and track project process. Our clients have quick and easy access to this information where they can complete their tasks, and ensure the project is tracking on time.

The Implementation Plan lays out what will happen at every stage of the Implementation Process. Within this plan we will detail the communications strategy, and ensure we clearly articulate the why always before the how. This will detail the different methods of educating the organization on Pinnacle Series as well as maintain our focus consistently on the organization’s goals.

Ongoing Support

The Customer Success Team is here to help ensure clients receive the highest return on your investment possible. They’re not just on hand to roll out Pinnacle Series—they’re with our clients every step of the way, for the lifetime of their subscription.

Interested in experiencing the difference our Customer Success Team can make in driving adoption and value for your organization? Schedule a demo or pilot of Pinnacle Series today!


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