5 Ways Peak Experience for Pinnacle Lite Is a Win for Users

Let’s talk features.

The Peak Experience for Pinnacle Lite has arrived, and there’s a lot to see! We’ve made some big improvements both under the hood and on the surface, and we’re eager for you to check them out.

Before diving into the full list of updates, though, it would make sense for our users to be most interested in what will change for you. The answer is that you’ll find Peak Experience faster, more intuitive, and easier than ever to use. We’ve retooled the interface, made it quicker to search for and load content, and added features that offer speedy access to the information you need most.

Eagle Point’s approach to learning management has always centered on serving the unique needs of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing industries. We’ve designed Peak Experience to streamline your access to course content and user information, meaning you can spend less of your valuable time navigating menus and more time actually learning. We’d say that’s a pretty big win.

We’ll be showing off our new features in detailed demo videos soon. In the meantime, let us walk you through some of the most important upgrades to the user experience. We think you’ll agree that they’re game changers.

1. An updated interface for a better learning experience

A screenshot of a course on views for architectural modeling with a video on hiding and isolating elements.

Maybe the most obvious change in Peak Experience is the new look of our browser interface. We designed Peak Experience to be clean and modern—the perfect platform to showcase our customers’ commitment to learning and development. The interface also allows for customization, so it can match your brand and style.

The sleek new look leans on graphical icons and thumbnails, to make navigation and menu options clear at a glance. We’ve also made navigation more straightforward with intelligent, intuitively designed menu structures to help you get from place to place. Contextual recommendations also help you jump back into a course where you left off, or find your next course easily.

2. Responsive content for faster library load times

A screenshot of the new Pinnacle Lite interfacing showing a library of AutoDesk courses, including AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D, as well as SolidWorks

We pride ourselves on our content library, which hosts course content for the top AEC&M software products—including AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Esri, Bluebeam, SOLIDWORKS, and more—and allows you to customize learning paths for your company’s individual needs. But the more content there is to load, the longer loading takes. Right?

Not for Peak Experience. We reorganized our content libraries to support faster load times, so that you can dive directly into learning. Peak Experience also offers simplified access control, ensuring that you don’t run into a permissions error as you navigate through content libraries. It’s just one more way you’ll have fewer hurdles between you and your courses.

3. Improved searching and filtering

A searchable library of Civil3D training content from AutoDesk.

Hopefully, you’ve noticed a theme in our updated features so far—specifically, our goal has been to reduce as many barriers to learning as we can. And when you already know what you’re looking for, we want to make sure you can find it.

That’s why we included upgraded search and filtering functionality in Peak Experience. With more intuitive search capabilities and more options for filtering, it’s easier than ever to find the course materials you need.

4. Content bookmarking for quick access

Bookmarked content including an architecture project workflow, and a Revit course on Views for Architectural Modeling

We know that learning often has to take a back seat to the day-to-day demands of the job. The AEC&M industries are growing rapidly, and skilled workers are difficult to find. Employees who are already a part of these industries have a lot on their plates.

Peak Experience makes it easier to learn on your own schedule. Course and content bookmarking lets you step away when you need to and return to the spot where you left off easily. You can also save content for later, and avoid losing time having to search for it again.

5. Easy access to learning history and certifications

Training history for Joseph Brown including courses, learning paths, a completion status.

Training, upskilling, and development are important for their own sakes—for job satisfaction, present-day success, and future goals. But in many cases, compliance is also a high priority. Tightly regulated industries or clients with exacting specifications may require proof of training or even a formal certification.

Peak Experience makes your individual learning history and qualifications simple to access, so they’re at hand when you need them. Whether you want to check your progress for your own development or share your credentials with someone who needs them, you can do so quickly and easily.

Peak Experience takes your learning and development to new heights.

We’ve always been proud of Pinnacle Series as a thoughtfully designed learning management system. Pinnacle Lite is that same top-of-the-line system, tailored to the needs of companies with fewer than 30 users. We provide your one-stop shop for reliable, customizable, up-to-date training information. That means less time on YouTube or Reddit, and more time dedicated to high-quality work.

Pinnacle Lite is an industry-leading elearning solution, and as our customers know, a key part of leading the pack is never to rest on your laurels. For that reason, we brought our long experience in the industry to bear, and crafted a new user experience that speaks to the feedback and pain points that our customers have shared with us. Faster, more flexible, and more feature-rich than ever, we think Peak Experience for Pinnacle Lite is a new level of performance for AEC&M learning management systems.

For a quick reference on Peak Experience’s new features, be sure to download our infographic. And to learn more about what Pinnacle Lite can do for your AEC&M business, contact us to learn more from one of our resellers.


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