5 Ways to Improve Your AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD is one of the most well-known and oldest computer-aided design software programs on the market. With an initial release date of 1982 up to the current year’s version, there’s certainly no shortage of AutoCAD training available!


However, many architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing professionals first learned how to use AutoCAD many years ago and have not advanced their skills since. If this is the case at your firm, your team could be missing out on leveraging new AutoCAD features that can help them work more efficiently and take on more complex projects!


It might seem a bit overwhelming to implement a new AutoCAD training program or give your current plan a bit of a boost to keep up with new feature setss, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge.


Check out this list of five ways to improve your AutoCAD training in your AEC & M organization, from the team behind the Pinnacle Series e-learning system!


  1. Assess where individual members are currently
  2. Develop your own training tools
  3. Get feedback from your team
  4. Set aside time for your team to train
  5. Don’t stop at just AutoCAD training


Let’s jump in to these tips on improving your AutoCAD training program.


Assess where individual members are currently


A great place to start with any training initiative is to figure out your baseline. Where is your team right now? Are they pros who have been using AutoCAD for decades or recent college grads who have just picked up a few tips here and there? When you know where your team is, you can customize their learning content to be specifically tailored to them; no need to have your team sit through a long seminar where they know most of the information already!


A great tool to help you measure where your team is (and, in the future, where they will be) is KnowledgeSmart. KnowledgeSmart can assess where your team is, what the knowledge gaps are, and can recommend personalized training in Pinnacle Series to help your team with their AutoCAD training (or any other software training).


Develop your own training tools


Going even beyond tailored content for your team is creating your own. In Pinnacle Series, it’s easy to create and upload training, standards, and best practices documents with information specific to your organization. If you want your team to have access to a document you’ve created with a few key tips and tricks your team has picked up on, they can access that! Creating your own training can also help your team stick to company policies and standards and reduce the rework needed.


Get feedback from your team


Listening to your team regarding their AutoCAD training is important. They may have valuable feedback or insights you wouldn’t know about that could be critical to the long-term success of your new AutoCAD training program. Making sure to check in can also help your employees feel the value of the training they’re doing and make it more relevant to their success as well.


Set aside time for your team to train


Everyone in the AEC & M space is crunched for time. Projects are due, perhaps you’re having a higher rate of employee turnover than usual, and deadlines are always looming on large projects. Training can easily get pushed to the side, but it’s important you place an emphasis on training for your employees.


Training can help your team reduce the time spent looking up answers to questions, limit rework and errors in projects, can increase employee retention, and help with the development of your team overall. It’s important to have your organization set aside 30 minutes to an hour each week per employee for learning and growth opportunities.


With the Pinnacle Series e-learning solution, your team can learn on the go with our on-demand videos, documents, and related learning plugins for Autodesk products!


Don’t stop at just AutoCAD training


There’s way more to learning than just knowing how to improve your AutoCAD training! Take a look at some of our other blog posts detailing how to keep your employees engaged during training and how to improve learning retention. By creating a well-balanced training program, you’ll help your employees in a variety of meaningful ways.


Interested in exploring how you can use Pinnacle Series for AutoCAD training and so much more? Schedule a demo or free trial with the Eagle Point team today!


Want to know what else Pinnacle Series can do? Check out this blog on how to use Pinnacle Series outside of learning.


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