5 Ways We Support Our AEC & M Software Reseller Partners

Learn how we drive success for our Pinnacle Series partners.

A huge part of the success Eagle Point Software has accumulated over the past 40 years is thanks in part to our extensive network of AEC software resellers.

We’re proud to help our reseller partners in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing space deliver our Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite learning management system solutions to organizations around the world in the following ways:

  1. Supporting other technologies
  2. Increasing adoption rates
  3. Improving client retention
  4. Providing marketing materials
  5. Offering world-class support

Keep reading to learn more about each of these ways our team proudly supports our AEC software reseller partners!

Supporting other technologies

We know that our Pinnacle Series learning management system isn’t the only software title offered to customers. But we’re probably the only one that can help your customers increase the value of their other technology investments! Pinnacle Series’ comprehensive content libraries cover the software and topics today’s architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing teams need to master in order to do their jobs successfully. 

Click here to visit our content catalog and get a sneak peek at the resources you’ll find in Pinnacle Series!

Increasing adoption rates

Your customer’s technology investments are only valuable if their employees actually use them — and that goes for Pinnacle Series as well. Thankfully our world-class Customer Support team is on hand to assist your customers with Pinnacle Series implementation, reaching usage goals, and any help they need throughout the lifetime of their subscription.

Once users have mastered Pinnacle Series, they can utilize our platform for training on other software titles as well, increasing their confidence and the likelihood that they’ll put them to use.

Want more help on increasing adoption rates? Check out our blog posts on increasing adoption of e-learning platforms, and maximizing the adoption of new technologies. 

Improving client retention

When you’re able to offer your customers tools like Pinnacle Series to help increase adoption, efficient use, and mastery of software titles like Revit, Civil 3D, and SOLIDWORKS, they’re more likely to stick around. We’ve been partnering with software resellers around the globe for years, so we know how to support both you and your customers to foster lasting business relationships.

Providing marketing materials

When it comes to marketing Pinnacle Series to your customers, you won’t have to go it alone. We’re proud to offer our ever-evolving Partner Portal, filled with marketing materials and curated campaigns, to help communicate the benefits of our Pinnacle Series solution to your sales team and customers.

If you already have access to our Partner Portal, log in now! If you don’t have access yet, talk with your partner representative to receive log-in credentials.

Offering world-class support

Finally, the top way we support our software reseller partners is with our industry-leading partner team. They serve as your go-to source for any questions, concerns, or support you need.

Visit our Become a Partner page to learn more about the benefits of our AEC & M software reseller partner program, as well as FAQs and a video testimonial from a current partner.

Ready to take the next steps to become one of our AEC software reseller partners? Contact our team today or complete the form on our Become a Partner page to get in touch with a member of our Partner team!



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