What Does a Pinnacle Series Implementation Look Like?

Get a sneak peek at the process we use to ensure your team finds success with Pinnacle Series.

If you’ve recently become a Pinnacle Series subscriber or you’re considering it, one of your very first steps is perhaps the most important: implementation. And it’s never quite as simple as saying “Okay, design team, here’s some new software — good luck!” 


That’s why at Eagle Point Software, we have an entire onboarding team dedicated to guiding your organization through the Pinnacle Series implementation process and ensuring your future success. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at how it all works.


The steps in the Pinnacle Series implementation process include:

  1. Introductory meeting
  2. Implementation planning & goal setting
  3. Technical setup
  4. Communication & user education
  5. Initial kickoff
  6. Full rollout
  7. Ongoing support


Below, we’ll explore more details about each step, including who should be involved in each phase of the process.


Introductory meeting


This initial virtual meeting will provide the foundation for the rest of the Pinnacle Series implementation process. It serves as an opportunity for both parties to become acquainted with each other and exchange essential information. On our end, our team aims to learn about your company, including its organizational structure, mission, goals, and culture, which will help us understand how to tailor Pinnacle Series to your needs. On your end, it’s your chance to get to know our onboarding team and ask any questions you have. 


To ensure a productive session, we recommend that your main contact person or a small group of up to three individuals participate in the virtual meeting. Be prepared to discuss your organizational structure, culture, communication styles, and strategies for motivating end users. We’ll work together to identify the key stakeholders who should be involved during the launch. The latter part of the meeting will be spearheaded by your Implementation Specialist (aka your IS), who will work with you to sketch out the rest of the onboarding process.


Implementation planning & goal setting


During the next meeting, you’ll work more closely with your assigned IS to iron out more of the details of your preferred Pinnacle Series setup. They’ll ask questions to tailor the implementation process based on your goals and make relevant suggestions. Once they have a clear understanding of your preferences, they will begin constructing a timeline and success plan which will outline the responsibilities of each party involved in the various phases of implementation. 


On your side, we recommend including anyone who will be involved in the planning or execution of the Pinnacle Series implementation. This can include individuals from various departments such as HR, marketing, subject-matter experts (SMEs), project managers, executives, or team leaders. Come prepared to discuss key topics, including the desired rollout date for Pinnacle Series, the process of importing users and setting up user groups, and identifying the priority users for the initial launch. The meeting will also touch on topics such as learning strategies, branding, your organization’s communication plan, and content planning. 


Don’t worry about having all the answers at this point — it’s something we can figure out together (and as you continue having internal discussions). Throughout the entire process, your IS will serve as a guide, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the expectations at each step.


Technical setup


During this phase, we move from planning to action! The focus here will be on configuring the technical aspects of the software to ensure seamless integration with your organization’s existing systems and infrastructure. That typically includes setting up user accounts, defining user roles and permissions, and integrating Pinnacle Series with other relevant tools and systems used within your organization. The technical setup phase typically involves collaboration between your organization’s IT team and the specialists from Eagle Point.


Communication & user education


A solid communication campaign plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful adoption of Pinnacle Series within an organization. During this part of the process, our united focus will be on effectively communicating the benefits, features, and resources available through the software to the intended users. The goal is to educate and engage all future users, empowering them to leverage Pinnacle Series to its full potential.


A good communication campaign will highlight the value that Pinnacle Series brings to users and their day-to-day work. It emphasizes how the system can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and support professional development. The campaign may use various communication channels, such as emails, newsletters, intranet announcements, and targeted training sessions to reach the intended audience.


Initial kickoff


Before you roll out your Pinnacle Series implementation to your entire organization, we might plan a “soft launch” with a smaller group of priority users. We’ll help you identify the right set of people for this phase. They will get first access, which will allow them to familiarize themselves with Pinnacle Series and help other users later on.


The kickoff phase is also a chance to address any initial project risks or concerns. Encourage open communication during this step, so everyone involved can share their expectations, address potential challenges, and develop strategies to mitigate risks.


Full rollout


This marks the culmination of the Pinnacle Series implementation process, where the learning management solution is deployed organization-wide, and users transition to using it as part of their daily operations. Continue communicating with your teams, offer hands-on training and education sessions, and make sure employees know where to find the answers to their questions. 


During this phase, make sure to monitor your analytics to see how the software is being used and gather user feedback to make sure everyone is comfortable with the new normal.


Ongoing support


Even when the official Pinnacle Series implementation process is complete for your organization, we’ll still be there to help! The primary duties will shift from your Implementation Specialist to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). 


Your CSM will serve as your trusted advisor throughout the duration of your subscription. They provide continuous support and act as a strategic partner, helping you derive the highest return on investment from Pinnacle Series. They’ll be available for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and advice on overcoming any obstacles you encounter along the way. Plus, they’ll keep you informed about new product features and updates, ensuring that you are aware of the latest enhancements and functionalities available to you. This will help you maximize the value of the software throughout its lifetime at your organization!


Interested in exploring Pinnacle Series as a training and knowledge solution for your company? If you haven’t already gotten in touch, contact us here to schedule a free demo or pilot program with our team.



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