When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Autodesk Inventor Online Training

with Pinnacle Series

Engineers and product designers rely on Autodesk Inventor to design professional 3D simulations for their mechanical projects. It enables users to create solid mechanical components (e.g., cars and machinery), simulate motion, test and validate product function with real-world scenarios, and more. Inventor streamlines the process of developing successful, mistake-free mechanical projects.

Pinnacle Series offers Autodesk Inventor training for AEC companies.

Learn Inventor with Pinnacle Series

Since Inventor is such a critical part of building machinery the way it should be, you want your teams to use Inventor the same way: with confidence and efficiency. And that's precisely what Pinnacle Series enables them to do.

Inside our robust Autodesk Inventor online training library, you'll find:

  • Extensive library with hundreds of online training videos to provide quick answers and tutorials
  • Wide selection of learning paths with dozens of in-depth courses on topics from sheet metal and pipes to assembly to drawing to modeling and more

Our content is developed by industry experts, so you can be sure your employees learn from the best. Whether they need an immediate on-the-job how-to video or longer-term proficiency, Pinnacle Series has the content you need ready on demand.

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

Pinnacle Series isn't your average e-learning platform: it's built specifically for the AEC space by fellow engineers, architects, developers, and manufacturers. Our training content focuses specifically on AEC software (such as Autodesk products, BIM, and dozens more), plus essential workplace topics like health and safety, human resources, and business skills. Your employees will learn from industry experts who have hands-on experience using AEC software and working in the field. Subscribe to as many asset libraries as you need to accomplish your training goals.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

We wanted to give every organization the tools to make Pinnacle Series their own. You can use it for so much more than Autodesk and AEC training! Upload your company's training content and documentation, so your staff can do all their learning in one place. Edit any of our content to fit your unique best practices and standards. You can even make the look of the platform reflect your organization by customizing its branding, colors, and fonts.

You can also schedule and manage live training events right from Pinnacle to combine the power of on-demand training with the hands-on communication offered by live events. Administrators can also take training a step further by assigning courses, and having employees take assessments to receive personalized training plans targeting their skill gaps.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

When you introduce new software to your organization, the implementation phase is an important time. A training resource is only useful if your employees use it, after all! That's the reason our Customer Success team is the largest one in our company. Every mid-market and enterprise account gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help drive adoption and usage throughout their workforce. Plus, employees can get direct support with a click from their Pinnacle dashboards if they have questions or issues during training.

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Created for and by AEC professionals, we think you’ll love everything Pinnacle Series has to offer. Schedule a demonstration or start your pilot today to see our e-learning system in action.

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