Top 5 Autodesk Software Training Libraries You’ll Find in Pinnacle Series

If you’re looking for the best Autodesk software training for your architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, or multidiscipline teams, Pinnacle Series is the place to find it. Our e-learning system is full of some of the most comprehensive resource libraries teaching all the Autodesk programs your teams use every day. 


While Pinnacle Series offers training for over twenty Autodesk programs (including ones you may use less frequently, such as Dynamo Studio, Vault, and Maya), many AEC & M organizations are looking for comprehensive training on the “heavy hitters” that their teams rely on the most to get work done.


That’s why some of our largest Autodesk software training libraries include:

  1. AutoCAD
  2. BIM 360
  3. Civil 3D
  4. Inventor
  5. Revit


Curious about what you’ll get inside these five Autodesk software training libraries? Let’s take a look at the resources Pinnacle Series has to offer!




When most people think of Autodesk products, AutoCAD is the first one that comes to mind. Developed in 1982, it’s one of the original computer-aided design products. Over the years, it has evolved to stay as useful as ever for modern architects, engineers, and construction developers who need well-designed and optimized 2D and 3D models. 


Our AutoCAD software training in Pinnacle Series covers the main program as well as AutoCAD Electrical, Map 3D, Mechanical, P&ID, and Plant 3D. Train your staff in the newest AutoCAD innovations with the help of:

  • 350+ training videos
  • 60+ cheat sheets
  • Workflows outlining critical processes like drawing models and collaborating on designs
  • Learning paths with courses going over fundamentals, 3D design skills, and the latest updates for 2023


BIM 360


Construction managers would have a much harder job without BIM 360 anchoring their projects. This program allows teams to collaborate on designs, manage documents, control job safety and quality, and more. It’s important for both managers and their teams to be trained in the various aspects of BIM 360 software.


Our BIM 360 library includes training for all the different products in the family: Build, Coordinate, Design, Docs, and Plan. Put together, you’ll find hundreds of videos, dozens of learning paths, and plenty of documents and workflows to consult for quick and helpful solutions. 


Civil 3D


For civil engineering projects, there are few programs more vital than Civil 3D. Whether you’re designing bridges, waterways, roads, or buildings, your teams need software that factors in relevant data like geography and physics. That’s exactly what Civil 3D provides!


When it comes to Civil 3D, there’s just so much to learn — which is why we have a long list of resources to teach it! Pinnacle Series has:

  • Learning paths encompassing dozens of courses covering how to use Civil 3D by itself and in combination with tools like BIM 360 and Dynamo
  • Assets for Civil 3D, Geotechnical Modeler, Grading Optimization, and Project Explorer
  • 350+ individual tutorial videos
  • Nearly 300 documents
  • Workflows covering dozens of processes, such as importing models to other software, working with large datasets, and much more




Autodesk’s Inventor is vital software for any organization specializing in mechanical projects like cars and machinery, primarily because its tools allow you to simulate motion and test real-world performance. 


Choose to teach your teams Inventor using Pinnacle Series, and you’ll have access to our library, including:

  • Learning paths, including several dozen courses to teach the basic essentials, intermediate skills, and specialized knowledge like working with sheet metal, tubes, and pipes.
  • 475+ on-demand videos users can watch for instant solutions




Last certainly doesn’t mean least: Revit is one of the biggest Autodesk software training libraries in Pinnacle Series! This BIM software is vital to the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Start your teams with three 16 to 20-course learning paths teaching Revit architecture, MEP, and structure fundamentals, then move them on to intermediate skills and beyond. 


In total, our Revit training library for 2023 includes:

  • Learning paths with a wide variety of courses inside
  • 315+ training videos
  • 225+ cheat sheets
  • Workflows outlining essential processes relating to HVAC hydronic systems, fire protection, architecture projects, electrical systems, and more


The best way to see how robust Pinnacle Series’ Autodesk software training is, of course, to see it for yourself! Schedule a demo or pilot with our team today, and let’s discuss what training you need for your AEC&M organization.


If you’re a current Pinnacle Series subscriber, log in now to explore these Autodesk software training libraries and start assigning training courses to your team!




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