When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Solidworks Online training with Pinnacle Series 

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD from Dassault Systèmes forms the foundation for an entire suite of professional product development and manufacturing software tools. From design to analysis, to data management and documentation, and everything in between, SOLIDWORKS is used by engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals around the world. The program offers sophisticated 3D CAD design capabilities to improve efficiency and help teams make informed decisions and accelerate their product development process.

When design and manufacturing professionals are equipped with effective SOLIDWORKS online training, they can use the software to create intelligent 3D models, which can be utilized throughout the product development process. With SOLIDWORKS, teams can collaborate and access data, allowing for smooth, efficient, and accurate workflows. 

Discover SOLIDWORKS online training on our Pinnacle Series e-learning solution to unlock its full potential at your organization.



Looking for a comprehensive resource to elevate your team's SOLIDWORKS skills? Look no further than Pinnacle Series! Our recently-launched SOLIDWORKS online training library boasts a wide array of learning resources, carefully crafted to help you work smarter and achieve your learning goals more efficiently.

Experience the proven value of Pinnacle Series with our SOLIDWORKS training content, offering:

  • On-demand access to dozens of in-depth training videos
  • Comprehensive courses and certification prep for SOLIDWORKS Basics
  • Interactive assessment content from KnowledgeSmart, for enhanced learning outcomes

Invest in your team's success and help them master SOLIDWORKS with online training that fits their schedule, available now on Pinnacle Series.

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SOLIDWORKS online training is a vital investment toward mastering the skills you and your team need to succeed. Pinnacle Series offers an expertly curated library of SOLIDWORKS content relating to the basics of the software and more in-depth workflows and tutorials.

Courses and workflows you'll find in our SOLIDWORKS online training library include:

  • SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep
  • General Assembly Design Workflow
  • General Simulation Xpress Workflow
  • General Sketching Workflow
  • And so much more!

Who Creates Your SOLIDWORKS Learning Content?

Pinnacle Series provides SOLIDWORKS online training content that is always current and applicable to the challenges your team faces daily. Our expert content team members, who have real manufacturing and design field experience, ensure that the training courses in Pinnacle Series are effective and help you and your team directly address issues that may come up during project work.

Our SOLIDWORKS libraries are refreshed regularly, and are updated efficiently after major software releases with learning content covering the new features and functions of the platform.

Why Choose Pinnacle Series for SOLIDWORKS Online Training

Ever-Evolving content libraries

In Pinnacle Series' robust content library, you won't just find all the resources you need for SOLIDWORKS training. You'll also find information on dozens of other topics and software programs widely used in the AEC and manufacturing industries. Whether they need quick tips on using a particular program or long-term training on must-know topics, Pinnacle Series is your team's go-to source for essential AEC & M knowledge.

Our library is created by AEC & M professionals for AEC & M professionals. You'll find comprehensive learning paths, training videos available on-demand, and more. We're in the field ourselves, so we understand the questions your firm will likely ask and the issues they may encounter during project work.

A Platform That Adapts To Your Team, Not The Other Way Around

Pinnacle Series users can personalize our e-learning platform, so it feels like a natural part of their organization's workflow. You can create custom content, add your firm's branding, and host live training sessions through a single source. You can even store your best practices and standards, so Pinnacle Series becomes the single source of truth for your organization.

But the customization doesn't stop there! Our integration with KnowledgeSmart provides your firm with assessments that can pinpoint the areas where employees need improvement. This way, each employee gets a tailored training plan customized to their skill gaps, not a one-size-fits-all program that covers what they already know.

Industry-Leading Customer Success Team

Each mid-market and enterprise Pinnacle Series customer is matched with a Customer Success Manager dedicated to implementing Pinnacle Series for long-term success in your firm. From the initial rollout to ensuring your organization meets its SOLIDWORKS training and Pinnacle Series usage goals, your CSM will be with you for the lifetime of your subscription.

What do Current Pinnacle Series Customers Think?

BlueScope Buildings North America is an industry leader in customized, fully-engineered steel building solutions. For Jake Ball, Manager of Engineering Development, the challenge of coordinating training for BlueScope’s seven engineering offices across the U.S. became more complex as the systems the company uses in its work became more automated.

Ball first met with the Pinnacle Series team at a conference in 2018. After taking his findings back to BlueScope and going through a vetting process, the company “decided that it was the right direction for us to go in.”

“We were really having some issues getting reliable and consistent training across locations, so this has helped us be able to do that,” Ball said. “We can make the training available on demand, it’s easy to search for and find, and people know where to go to get to it."

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