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BIM Managers carry a significant responsibility, which encompasses the vast span of planning, designing, delivering, and operating assets throughout the lifecycle of projects. Efficient BIM management online training enables teams to execute their work efficiently, make better-informed decisions, reduce project errors and rework, invigorate quality assurance, and finish projects seamlessly and within financial bounds.

By prioritizing thorough training, including the BIM management learning resources found in Pinnacle Series, teams can ensure that they have not just the necessary skills, but the resources and support to excel in their roles.

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Get BIM Management Training Online with Pinnacle Series

Find out how BIM managers can leverage our e-learning system, Pinnacle Series.

Elevate your BIM Managers’ capabilities with our comprehensive BIM management online training program. Our Pinnacle Series is designed to drive success in BIM management and empower your team with a robust library of training materials covering the skills and software they use every day.

From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, our solution is tailored to equip your BIM Managers with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving field, with resources including:

  • A curated learning path designed specifically for BIM management
  • Hundreds of workflows related to creating a project execution plan, templates and processes to follow, project delivery, family creation, standards implementation, and more
  • Documents for quick examples and tips
  • Plus, training on dozens of programs BIM teams use every day, such as Revit, BIM 360, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, and more


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BIM Management Content You’ll Find in Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series offers a comprehensive Bim Management Learning Path curated by our content team. This path features learning resources that cover the fundamentals of being a BIM Manager, and how BIM professionals can improve their Revit software skills.

The BIM Management Learning Path covers topics including:

  • Creating a Revit Template
  • Model Views
  • Setting Up Multi-User and Multi-Discipline Projects
  • Working with Project, Shared, and Global Parameters
  • Working with Design Options
  • Adding and Editing Materials

Who Creates Your BIM Management Training Content?

Pinnacle Series provides BIM management online training authored by industry professionals with real BIM experience. By drawing on this expertise, our learning content remains current and applicable to the daily demands of your team.

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Expansive Libraries of AEC & M Content

Pinnacle Series offers so much more than BIM and BIM management online training courses. Our robust and frequently updated architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing software libraries include thousands of workflows, learning path courses, videos, and documents to help your team work efficiently and smoothly.

Personalized Interface & Learning Journeys

Transform your Pinnacle Series platform to reflect your organization by personalizing it with customized colors, logos, and fonts that set you apart. Discover our vast catalog of pre-loaded content and give it a unique twist that fits perfectly with your team’s best practices. If you need content beyond what comes pre-loaded with your subscription, no problem! Our platform’s flexibility allows you to easily add your own custom content in one convenient location.

Pinnacle Series also integrates seamlessly with KnowledgeSmart, which empowers your team with personalized training. Begin with an assessment test designed to highlight areas where your employees excel, and identify areas that require attention to optimize their performance. Next, we’ll develop a custom plan within Pinnacle Series tailored to their specific needs, so you can quickly get them up to speed without wasting their valuable time.

Industry-Leading Customer Success Team

All mid-sized and enterprise organizations are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to answer any questions and help guide the implementation and adoption process. Your CSM will not only make sure Pinnacle Series gets introduced successfully, but also help you ensure your team gets as much value out of it as possible in the months and years to come.

With all of Pinnacle Series’ resources and tools, your organization won’t be just getting a BIM management online training course. You’ll get a boost in efficiency and productivity for meaningful organizational growth.

What do Current Pinnacle Series Customers Think?

Davis Partnership is a Denver, CO-based design firm specializing in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, lighting design, and signage design. The firm employs around 200 people who work on projects across the United States ranging from healthcare to hospitality, and higher education to multi-family housing.

That diverse team posed a challenge for BIM Manager Ron Rowcotsky, who began looking for a solution after siloed information and a lack of a cohesive training program began impacting the firm.

Compared to in-person training programs where “you send people out and hope they learned something,” Pinnacle Series stood apart during his search for an e-learning solution.

“What I really liked was the idea of these metrics that could be collected and visualized on the back end, and could easily prove return on investment,” Rowcotsky said. “The individually customized learning program meant that we didn’t have to take the shotgun approach.”

What You'll Find Inside Pinnacle Series

The core of our Pinnacle Series learning management system is its comprehensive, expert-developed content catalog, covering a wide range of AEC and manufacturing software and topics. 

30,000+ videos available on demand for continuous learning or quick answers when they're needed most.

Curated Learning Paths that guide users through training on specific topics with video lessons, interactive written content, data sets, and more.

Helpful documents providing quick tips and tricks to assist learning, along with troubleshooting guides for when people get stuck.

Workflows you can use to communicate processes and procedures, and provide direct access to the commands and tools your team needs

Related Learning plugin for Autodesk products, which recommend learning in Pinnacle Series based on the commands a user is running.

Live Events from the Pinnacle Series team or your internal subject matter experts.

Pinnacle Series | Elevate Your Learning

The Pinnacle Series learning management system is designed for AEC and manufacturing professionals, by AEC and manufacturing professionals. Our content libraries are packed with thousands of learning resources on the software titles your team uses every day.

Expert-created learning content

KnowledgeSmart Assessments integration

Dedicated Customer Success team

Custom content & document storage capabilities

Live event & external learning tracking

See how Pinnacle Series can transform training and collaboration for your teams!

Thousands of AEC & M learning resources, right at your fingertips.

With Pinnacle Series, your team gets on-demand access to libraries of learning content
covering the software skills they need to know to work efficiently and productively.


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