When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Autodesk Insight Training

with Pinnacle Series

Autodesk’s Insight program gives architects and engineers the ability to use advanced simulation and building performance analysis data to design more energy-efficient and environmentally optimized buildings. Insight empowers AEC teams to create projects that meet their sustainability goals and align with green building initiatives such as the AIA 2040 Commitment. The program also offers BIM workflow integration and works with Revit and FormIt Pro.

Pinnacle Series’ content library covers Autodesk Insight training.

Learn Insight with Pinnacle Series

Our Autodesk Insight training library within Pinnacle Series contains content that will help your team master the program and use it in their everyday project work.

Our library of Insight software training content includes: 

  • Training videos available on demand 
  • Workflows detailing the energy model and building performance processes
  • Learning paths covering working with Autodesk Insight

Pinnacle Series' e-learning system ensures your team has the resources they need to utilize Insight and other Autodesk programs as efficiently as possible. 

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

Within Pinnacle Series you’ll find Autodesk Insight training plus training resources of all of the other software programs and workplace topics that matter to your AEC organization. Our libraries offer a wide variety of on-demand training videos, workflows, documents, learning paths, and more, all expert-created and ready at a moment’s notice for long-term learning or on-the-go assistance.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

Pinnacle Series isn’t just a place for training content. You can customize our platform to become your organization’s single source of truth, from documents detailing your standards to training content edited to fit your workflows. You can also personalize Pinnacle Series with your logo, branding, and more, so it feels like a true part of your organization.

Even the way we create training plans is customized within Pinnacle Series. Through our KnowledgeSmart integration, employees can take assessments that hone in on what skills they may need more training on. Each employee then receives a personalized learning plan with training content to address their needs — and no time wasted teaching what they already know.

Whether you'd like to remind employees of your organizations’ standards or train them on a new software program you’re rolling out, Pinnacle Series has everything you need to provide specialized learning and maintain your organization's best practices. 

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Several members of the Pinnacle Series team are dedicated Customer Success Managers (or CSMs), paired with all mid-size and enterprise customers to facilitate implementation and help with long-term adoption and goal setting. With our team, we won’t just disappear after your subscription starts — we’re in it for the long run to make sure our platform is working for your organization.

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