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Corporate goal planning is more effective when goals are broken down into tangible, easily achievable steps.

7 Corporate Goal Planning Tips for AEC & M

Help your organization reach its goals with these tactics from our team. Corporate goal planning is like a north star for your business: it points you in the right direction and helps you navigate through choppy seas. Of course, setting company objectives isn’t as simple as deciding, “Let’s do XYZ

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Take Revise Your Work Schedule Month as an opportunity to understand how you can seamlessly fit learning into even the busiest schedule.

5 Ways to Fit Learning into Your Daily Work Schedule

Brush up on these tips in honor of Revise Your Work Schedule Month! Have you heard of Revise Your Work Schedule Month? Observed during May, it’s the perfect time to revisit how our workdays are structured and ensure that we’re making time for what’s most important.  One of the things on

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Understanding how to create effective teams is the cornerstone of any successful project.

How to Create Effective Teams for AEC & M Projects

Assemble the best team possible with these helpful tips. In the world of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, knowing how to create effective teams is essential for collaborative design and successful projects. When teams of dedicated and capable professionals work together, they can make great things happen.  But creating the

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The benefits of personalized learning include saving time and money on unengaging, non-personalized training.

5 Benefits of Personalized Learning

Discover the difference targeted learning can make at your organization. As architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing organizations look for more effective ways to provide learning and development opportunities to their employees, there’s one specific factor that can make or break your plan: leveraging the benefits of personalized learning.  Today’s employees

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If your organization frequently takes part in mergers and acquisitions, Pinnacle Series is the perfect tool to help streamline the process.

7 Ways to Use Pinnacle Series During Mergers and Acquisitions

Make growing your business a breeze with our helpful tools. Mergers and acquisitions are a common occurrence in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing world — and while they can be great for growing a business, they can also be tricky to manage. After all, you’re taking an entire company

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You should regularly audit and update your corporate standards.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Corporate Standards

Tidy up your internal knowledge with these tips.   Now that spring is officially here, you may have the itch to do some workplace spring cleaning. But you shouldn’t just focus on your office or desk; doing a little virtual cleaning can really help boost your productivity, too!   By

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Try these time management tips for professionals in AEC & M if you find yourself losing track of important tasks over the course of the day.

5 Time Management Tips for Professionals in AEC & M

Get the most out of your busy day with these pointers! Here at Eagle Point Software, we understand your days are busy from beginning to end! From juggling meetings and client calls, responding to emails and messages, wrangling projects, and putting out fires, your day can be hectic and non-stop.

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These construction goals can help propel your organization forward in 2023.

5 Goals to Set for Your Construction Company in 2023

Set these construction goals to help your organization thrive this year. It’s no secret that the AEC space is evolving rapidly, and nowhere is that more true than within the construction industry. With ongoing projects, staffing changes, and technology updates, it can be difficult to take a step back and

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