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Our content team sounds off on AEC & M industry trends in this blog post.

AEC & M Industry Trends to Watch in 2024

Get our team’s insights into what the new year holds in store. As we stand on the brink of another new year, the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries are poised for significant transformations. Many of the latest AEC&M industry trends promise to redefine the way we plan, design, and

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One of the top learning management system mistakes we see organizations make is failing to involve stakeholders across multiple departments.

8 Learning Management System Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Make the most of your LMS with these tips. Implementing a new learning management system (LMS) is a smart strategic move for organizations invested in employee development. Of course, like any significant change at a company, it requires careful planning and consideration.   Whether you’re adopting an LMS for the

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One of the top FAQs about our team we get is who creates our learning content — the answers is our expert in-house content team!

FAQs About Our Team Behind Pinnacle Series

Meet the driving force behind our industry-leading LMS. Are you curious about all the different people and teams behind the scenes of Eagle Point Software and our Pinnacle Series learning management system? We’d love to share a little more about us, what we do, and our passion for helping architecture,

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7 Advantages of an AEC & M Learning Management System

Learn how an LMS can take your organization to the next level. In the ever-evolving worlds of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, staying competitive and innovative is crucial. And a big part of that equation is investing in some form of training platform or e-learning system to consistently upskill your

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