Infographic: The Manufacturing & Construction Skills Gap

Although different industries, Manufacturing and Construction face similar skills gap challenges.

The skills gap is everywhere, impacting numerous sectors and causing widespread strain on the economy. But of the affected industries, the skills gap is taking the greatest toll on Manufacturing and Construction. Both these industries are undergoing a boom, with large-scale infrastructure projects receiving significant government investment. However, both Construction and Manufacturing have struggled to attract new workers in recent years, and misconceptions about careers in these industries have caused the talent pipeline to run dry.

Business leaders have reason for optimism, however. As new technologies take hold, perceptions about construction and manufacturing jobs are beginning to change. Training is becoming more accessible—and desirable—than ever.

In our new infographic, we look at what the latest research can tell us about these two industries, including the size and economic impact of the skills gap, how top business leaders are responding, and ways online training can narrow the gap.

While separate industries, Manufacturing and Construction share a common problem: in the midst of an industrial and infrastructure boom, both are struggling to find enough skilled labor to complete the work on hand. Additionally, both industries have traditionally drawn upon a labor force trained in apprenticeships or trade programs. As a result, these industries face many of the same challenges—and share a common solution.


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