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  • New ProjectWise Learning Paths

Our ProjectWise content library has been update with two new learning paths: ProjectWise Design Integration, which provides training on the integrations available for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, and Microsoft products, and ProjectWise Web, which introduces the fundamentals of the ProjectWise web platform. These updates feature five new courses, 40 new videos, and five workflows.

  • Revit Learning Path Organizational Update

For our Revit 2024 update, we have rearchitected all learning paths and courses to address users’ needs and provide a better foundation as we grow our learning content and KnowledgeSmart assessment library. This includes creating fundamentals learning paths with smaller courses for more targeted training; making the delineation between fundamentals and advanced content clearer; and separating Mechanical and Electrical content. These updates do not apply to older versions of Revit.

  • Updated Revit Video

Our Revit and the Autodesk Desktop Connector video has been updated to address changes to the user interface and functionality of the Desktop Connector.

  • Inventor 2024 Content Updates

We’re introducing new content around Inventor 2024, including a What’s New in Autodesk 2024 Products learning path that covers content enhancements in Inventor 2024, and a new What’s New in Inventor 2024 course with four new videos.

  • Plant 3D Learning Path Updates

Our Plant 3D content library has received an updates to the Essentials, Intermediate, and Project Management learning paths. In total this update includes eight new videos, updates to 22 videos, three updated courses, and eight new assessment questions.

  • Vault Learning Path Updates

This release also includes updates to our Vault Administration and Vault Essentials learning paths. Vault Administration has one updated course and one new video, while Vault Essentials has three updated courses and five new videos.

  • New Content in Procore Library

Our Procore library now features three new learning paths and courses: Project Management in Procore, which teaches users to effectively manage projects using Procore’s tools; Field Management in Procore, which shows users how to take their Procore projects into the field; and Administration in Procore, which provides instruction on using Procore’s administration tools to configure templates and create projects. In total this update includes 56 new videos, as well as quizzes. This release also covers updates to the Procore Basics course with three new videos, a quiz, and course restructuring. 

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