How to Ensure LMS Success at Your Organization

Help Your LMS Investment Pay Off

You’ve purchased a learning management system, and now it’s time to implement it for your organization to use. 

But how can you ensure LMS success in adoption, usage, and an easy rollout to your teams? It may seem like a daunting question, but breaking it down into manageable pieces is the way to go. 

Whether you’re a small architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing firm with just a few employees or a large organization with offices around the world, following these easy checklist items can help ensure LMS success in a variety of ways at your company. Plus, when you break it down into easy-to-follow guidelines, you’ll be able to track your LMS success better and note any places that need improvement quickly. 

Let’s start working through the list to make sure you’re getting the most value and usage out of your new LMS.

Employee Buy-In

Making sure your employees are interested in using the new LMS is crucial for every element of success; without employee buy-in, you’ll be facing an uphill battle. Make sure your teams know that a new software rollout is coming, what benefits they’ll see for themselves, for their team, for the company, and even how it can make their daily tasks easier and more streamlined. 


Ensuring your employees are utilizing all the tools available in your new LMS is vital to getting the most value out of the new software. Consider demos or lunch and learns to introduce new features or functionalities that employees may not know about or use to their full potential. Letting them know about knowledge assessment tools that can help them jump straight to useful learning and avoid irrelevant material.


But making sure these items are prioritized comes from the top. That’s why… 

Management and Leadership Buy-In

…is so important too! Making sure your organizational leadership is on board with, excited about, and ready to implement your new system is key for LMS success at your AEC & M firm. When leadership and managers on your teams take the initiative and foster a culture of learning, you’ll see the benefits down the road as your employees willingly adopt new technologies. 


Hannah Auman, one of Eagle Point Software’s Customer Success Managers, confirms that management and leadership buy-in is crucial for LMS success.


“In my experience, the adoption of the Pinnacle Series is a top-down approach, meaning leadership often sets the tone for the importance of training. I have seen organizations go about setting the tone in numerous ways, most commonly allotting a billing code for training. In short, when all of leadership is driving the importance of training, it is much quicker to gain traction than with middle management carrying all the weight of the success.”

Play the Long Game

Rolling out and implementing a new LMS will not happen in a day! The process of adding users, encouraging usage and adoption rates, and making your employees switch from a previous system to your new “one-stop shop of information” will not be instantaneous. 


Instead, see week-over-week or month-over-month adoption and usage of the new platform; check in with your teams to see how they’re using the new LMS daily, weekly, and monthly. Ask management for feedback on the platform and see where they think their teams are exceeding expectations, what items they’re using the most, and anywhere they can improve in terms of using additional features available. 


By having this open and honest feedback and watching trends over time, you’ll be able to watch for patterns and step in to assist in adoption in various capacities. Implementing a new LMS takes time, and looking for results will be a steady process.

Set Realistic Goals

Another great way to track changes is by setting goals. When you work with Pinnacle LMS, our Customer Success Team is here to help, especially in the goal-setting arena! 


Setting realistic goals helps ensure LMS success as it’ll be easy to see your progress (which feels great when you hit big milestones!) and can quickly show if something has veered off course for a fast correction. Consider looping in employees when it comes to goal-setting around LMS adoption; they may have some great ideas and feedback!


Setting realistic goals and timelines can help your teams plan, show progress, and keep your organization motivated to continue learning about and using your new LMS.

Add Helpful Relevant Content

While it may seem obvious, making sure your teams have helpful and relevant content is vital to LMS success at your organization! With Pinnacle Series, you’ll have access to expert-created content in the areas your team is needing training, support, or help with. But you can also upload your own documents and resources for specialized projects, specific training items, or company standards. 


When your teams and employees have access to information they need for projects or are even excited about learning, they’ll be more likely to switch to your new LMS platform quickly and become champions for it as well.

Encourage On-demand, Small Training Sessions

Along that same line, encouraging small, bite-sized training is a great way to ensure LMS success; by having employees take just a few minutes for additional training, you’re encouraging them to use the new system and showing teams just how powerful, exciting, and helpful your LMS is. It’s a great way to drive usage and adoption, get them into the habit of using the system, and you’ll reap the benefits of additional training from your staff! 


By following these simple tips, you’ll have an easier software rollout and more LMS success at your AEC&M organization. Avoiding common LMS pitfalls is key to making your experience a positive one. 


If you have any questions about what a Pinnacle Series implementation looks like, check out this blog!


If you’re interested in learning more about Pinnacle Series through a demo or no-cost pilot program tailored for your organization, click here


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