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The Civil 3D training resources in Pinnacle Series are created by industry experts.

5 Ways to Improve Your Civil 3D Training

Trying to set up a new (or improve an existing) training program in your organization can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!    Creating a robust Civil 3D training program for your organization can be easy and effective when you implement these tips —and  you can use these ideas

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Our Top AEC & M Case Studies

When it comes to learning about the benefits the Pinnacle Series e-learning platform can deliver to your organization, there’s nobody better to hear from than existing customers who already use the solution. After all, they have the insights into choosing Pinnacle Series, implementing it, getting employees on board, and using

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There are a few different ways to help your team with their AutoCAD training.

5 Ways to Improve Your AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD is one of the most well-known and oldest computer-aided design software programs on the market. With an initial release date of 1982 up to the current year’s version, there’s certainly no shortage of AutoCAD training available!   However, many architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing professionals first learned how to

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There are many ways to improve your Sketchup training that are easy to implement and effective.

6 Ways to Improve Your Sketchup Training

If you work in the architecture, engineering,  or construction spaces, you know that training is such an important aspect to a well-rounded team. It can create a more productive work environment, reduce errors and rework costs, and help with employee retention. But creating a feasible training plan for your team

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There are multiple ways to improve your Revit training program in your organization.

4 Ways to Improve Your Revit Training

Revit is one of the most well-known software systems in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. It’s used in everything and by everyone, from BIM to CAD specialists to architects and more.   It’s easy to think that your team has a good foundation of Revit knowledge simply because it’s

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If you’re in a BIM manager role at your firm, check out these valuable, time-saving resources.

4 Resources for BIM Managers

The BIM manager role at a firm is a demanding yet incredibly valuable one! After decades in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, our team at Eagle Point Software is invested in doing what we can to make your job easier.   In this post, we’re going to round up

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When your teams learn Revit online, your organization can save valuable time and money.

5 Reasons to Learn Revit Online

There are so many benefits architecture, engineering and construction teams can experience when they learn Revit online. Online Revit training can also have advantages for organizations compared to in-person training programs.    Here are a few compelling reasons why your staff should learn Revit online through an expert AEC &

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Find out how BIM managers can leverage our e-learning system, Pinnacle Series.

How Pinnacle Series Benefits BIM Managers

Pinnacle Series benefits all members of AEC & M teams —and BIM managers are no exception! We chatted with Eagle Point Software Business Managers Steve Link and Jake Meyer about how BIM managers can leverage our e-learning system to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

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