5 Ways to Improve Your Civil 3D Training

Trying to set up a new (or improve an existing) training program in your organization can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! 


Creating a robust Civil 3D training program for your organization can be easy and effective when you implement these tips —and  you can use these ideas for other software training, too!


  1. Small training segments>large seminars
  2. Set goals
  3. Create individual training
  4. Create a culture of learning
  5. Ask for feedback


Let’s dive into each of these ways you can improve your Civil 3D training!


Small training segments>large seminars


It’s proven that training is much more effective in smaller chunks rather than a large, overwhelming seminar that lasts a few hours. Plus, your employees will appreciate being able to break training down on their own schedule! 


Training in this manner will help improve learning retention, can maximize training time, and isn’t as overwhelming as longer format training can be. As an added bonus, it’s easier for your employees to pop in 10-15 minute training sessions rather than scheduling out a few hours in their busy days.


Set goals


Like any part of a successful venture, setting goals for your team is incredibly important to the success of your Civil 3D training program. When your team knows the expectations, they’ll be able to meet (or exceed) those goals. It can also provide a fun incentive opportunity for when your team hits milestones.


Create individual training


Your Civil 3D training program will be much stronger if you can tailor the training to each member of your team. An easy way to do this is to use KnowledgeSmart, an assessment tool that can identify the strengths and gaps in knowledge of your team. You can then use this information to create personalized training, which can save time – no more wasted time learning things your team already knows!


Create a culture of learning


When your team sees their peers, leaders, and organization as a whole buy into training, they’re much more likely to dedicate that time as well. Creating a culture of learning can have added benefits like reduced turnover, increased employee satisfaction, and even less time spent on rework and other errors. Check out this blog on further ways a culture of learning can help your organization.


Ask for feedback


One of the most important ways you can improve your Civil 3D training program is to ask for feedback from your team. They can have incredibly helpful insights on what seems to be working, what can be improved, and where they feel the most value has been. It’s also a great way to check in with your team and see how far they’ve progressed on their learning journey!


With these easy tips, you can quickly and effectively improve your Civil 3D training program and see a positive impact from the learning. If you need more help or are interested in kickstarting a Civil 3D training program of your own using e-learning, contact our team today or read more on our blog!



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